Rozanne Bell Exhibition 23rd April 2022

Rozanne Bell Exhibition Invite

Rozanne cites The Unicorn Gallery as one of the first galleries in the UK to sell and promote her work, she distinctly remembers checking our website almost daily to see what was selling and how fast different subjects were gaining interest. We have continued to be one of her biggest champions and in 2020 dedicated one of our 5 showrooms to her exuberant paintings. This will be momentarily dismantled for the exhibition to enable us to fill the large downstairs showroom but I’m sure once over it will be reinstated. 

Rozanne’s style has evolved and matured over the years but somehow she has always managed to retain it’s vitality and energetic style. She is such a talent and her passion for what she does is all encompassing; 

“Ever since I first picked up a paint brush with my mother as a little girl, the compulsion to paint has dominated my life. I know that the extraordinary colours, light and contrasts of Zimbabwe where I grew up and had to leave in 2002, are to blame. Art became and has ever been my friend.”

As always we will have a full compliment of all of Rozanne’s styles and subjects, having the largest collection of her work in the country, with over 70 of Rozanne’s most magnificent and stunning paintings on display. 

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Please note not all exhibition stock will be available online (there is just too much of it!) But we do always have a good stock available on the website, to view please click here

Rozanne Bell, ‘The Road Home’, image size: 890 x 890mm, framed: 1100 x 1100mm, Price: 1350.00 framed (inc. VAT)




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