Robert Chailloux

Born in 1913, Robert Chailloux is considered by many to be one of the finest Still Life painters of the Twentieth Century.

He always manages to avoid any formal arrangement on his composition, which consequently have a delightfully homely atmosphere. His colour sense and superb technique are beyond question, and it is not surprising that his reputation is so high.

His skill in drawing was apparent before he left school, and it was always his ambition to be a full time professional artist.

Robert Chailloux studied at the School of Superior Design, Boulevard de Bellville, Paris. Exhibited for the first time in 1940 at the Salon of French Artists, and the Salon des Beaux Arts in 1943. After his studies at the School of Superior Design, he set up his own studio, and his canvasessoon came to the notice of the critics.

Painting of his are in the permanent collection of the Ville de Paris. His awards include Prix du Comite-Salon d’Hiver, Prix Vuillame-Bois Colombes, Prix de la Ville-Saint Raphael, Medaille d’Argent, Medaille d’Or and Prix du Public at the Salons des Bouges, also Silver Medals at Salon de L’Art Libre, Salon Violet and des Artists Francais.

In 1975 his work was exhibited in Russia at the Hermitage in Leningrad and the Pouchkine in Moscow.

It is perhaps interesting to note that Chailloux is also famous for nautical painting, and is an ornithologist of considerable note. He lived in a delightful house in a nature reserve. Chailloux is listed in Benezit Kunstler-Lexicon, and Who’s Who in art.

Robert Chailloux retired from painting in his 90s.

Sadly Robert Chailloux passed away in 2006

  • Robert Chailloux Original, Still Life with Grapes and Chestnuts
    Robert Chailloux
    Still Life with Grapes & Chestnuts
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  • Robert Chailloux
    Still Life with Earthenware Jug
  • Robert Chailloux
    Still Life with French Can on a Stone Ledge
  • Robert Chailloux
    Still Life with Apples in a Basket
  • Robert Chailloux
    Still Life with Oranges and Grapes




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