Jean Claude Picard

At the end of the last century, landscape painting changed. The post-impressionists Gaugin, Van Gogh and Paul Cecanne created a brand new appreciation of pictures.

Pictures should be autonomous. The painted landscapes were not only seen as a reflection of topographic, but also as a separate cosmos, who follows special rules. With this opinion in mind, there was created a new view of art, finding its peak in the abstract art, turning down to all representational references.

On the other side, there are still painters today, who don’t give up the visual reality in their pictures; they are looking for a synthesis of an atmospheric nature view and a compositional freedom. Jean-Claude Picard belongs to this kind of artists.

A long time ago, he discovered the Provence, the Roussillion and Katalonia as painter’s paradise and he tried to stay there as often as possible. In county pastoral scene, between sunny hills and shady pinewood, he found the atmosphere he needed for his kind of painting. These austere landscapes with this tremendous light and subject to his mostly large scaled pictures. The very special structured surface gives are wakening emotions to the buzz of the Mediterranean air.

Picard only works on his forays in nature, with sketchblock and watercolour paintings and converts his impressions with his elaborate mix – technique in his studio. It is his request, to bring together his impressions with the origin of landscapes. He aspires to bring details in a specified ordering and therefore he uses prismatic patterns.

Shining colours, gentle hills, a couple of trees, spring and autumn are arranging an impression of the Mediterranean landscape, with its beauty spots to the viewer. It seems to be the atmosphere, which is responsible for his personal impressions while the artist is able to express his landscape – his street life – and his still life pictures.

Special various colours and a very bride voice of shape are significant for his pictures.

Since 2000, he lives and works on the island of Mallorca, Spain, in the shadow of the cathedral and the “Almudaina”.

  • Jean Claude Picard - Autumn Colour
    Jean Claude Picard
    Autumn Colour
    Price: £1,360.00 VAT not applicable
  • Jean Claude Picard - Rolling Hills of Summer
    Jean Claude Picard
    Rolling Hills of Summer
    Price: £1,300.00 VAT not applicable
  • Jean Claude Picard - The Village Between the Hills
    Jean Claude Picard
    The Village Between the Hills




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