Caroline Shotton

Caroline Shotton has been painting cows for over 15 years. Her studio is always full of ideas for titles, cow puns, composition and techniques scribbled on bits of paper and things like receipts. She’s always looking for inspiration.

You could say Caroline Shotton has been moo-ning over cows since she was first inspired by them!

Caroline has always found inspiration in the great outdoors. As an only child she immersed herself in art books and had the time and space to endlessly create pictures with her crayons – her most exciting treat was to shop for materials and she was fascinated by the whole world of art, commenting “I never wanted a proper job!”.

She had a fantastic art teacher at school and she feels his training set her up for life, with a stopover at St Martins College – the University of the Arts in London. She started out doing signwriting and murals for pubs and businesses all over the country.

During a year out and keen to paint something happy for her son Sam’s bedroom wall, she wanted to “create a character that would make him smile and keep him company”. The resulting joyful cow mural was universally adored so she painted more, and more, as Caroline says “now look what’s happened!”

Some of her most popular art includes her acclaimed ‘Moo-na Lisa’ and ‘The Incredibull Hulk’ amongst others but Caroline’s style, and her images, continue to develop. She says “cows have so many expressions and small brush stokes can change their character totally”.

Caroline’s beautiful images are universally appealing and the Unicorn Gallery are excited to showcase her latest signed limited editions.

  • Caroline Shotton, The Incredibull Hulk
    Caroline Shotton
    Caroline Shotton – The Incredibull Hulk
    Price: £595.00 inc VAT
  • Caroline Shotton, Captain Amoorica
    Caroline Shotton
    Caroline Shotton – Captain Amoorica
    Price: £595.00 inc VAT
  • The Caroline Shotton, The Fabmoolous Wonder Cow
    Caroline Shotton
    Caroline Shotton – The Fabmoolous Wonder Cow
    Price: £595.00 inc VAT
  • Caroline Shotton, The Invincibull Thor
    Caroline Shotton
    Caroline Shotton – The Invincibull Thor
    Price: £595.00 inc VAT




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