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Mario Malfer

Mario Malfer was born in 1941 in Garda, Italy. Malfer attended the Institute of Fine Art and studied at the free Art Academy of Vittorio Viviani, Gino Meloni’s academy and the "Paolo Borsa" college in Monza.

Mario Malfer has exhibited worldwide and has taken part in numerous important competitions with great success; he won the ‘Arte’ prize in 1998. This is one of the most important national competitions, due to the number of quality participants, as well as the demanding standards set by the judges. On winning the prize, he exhibited his work in the ‘Finarte’ in Milan and Rome. Exacting analysis of Malfer’s works has shown him to be one of the most interested and gifted artists of the new generation.

Malfer sees a landscape not only as it is now, but also envisions the history of the depicted region with the generations that lived throughout the centuries and have left their traces on the region; Roman Columns, Etruscan stones, Renaissance Archers, giving Malfer’s paintings a kaleidoscope like surface.

Mario Malfer’s paintings are now collected internationally including Italy and in Germany and the USA.

(VAT not applicable)

Italian Vista NEW

Original Painting

Image: 900 x 900mm

Framed: 1170 x 1170mm

Price: £3150.00 framed

Venezia I NEW

Original Painting

Image: 1000 x 700mm

Framed: 1270 x 970mm

Price: £3150.00 framed

Venezia II NEW

Original Painting

Image: 1000 x 700mm

Framed: 1270 x 970mm

Price: £3150.00 framed


Original Painting

Image: 1200 x 1000mm

Framed: 1470 x 1270mm

Price: £4450.00 framed

Italian Landscape

Original Painting

Image: 800 x 700mm

Framed: 1070 x 970mm

Price: SOLD





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