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Albert Herkelman

To think of the painter Albert Herkelman, is to think of romantic painting. Actually, Romanticism is not a style, it is an attitude towards life, that always longs for another time or another place. One's own life is not experienced as perfect and happiness is sought elsewhere. Romanticism has existed through all ages and even in future space-cities there will always be a nostalgic yearning for the past.

Albert Herkelman was born in a time that can hardly be called romantic, namely in the last years of war. In April 1945, one month before the liberation, Albert was born in Schiedam. He grew up in an environment where much had been destroyed and had to be rebuilt, it was not exactly an environment to engender romantic feelings, or perhaps it was. As a sort of reaction: how things should never go so hopelessly wrong again.

Compared to other countries, the Netherlands have always had a lot of artistic talent and Herkelman is one of them! He was admitted to the Academy of Fine Art in Rotterdam, which was an honour bestowed on few. In Rotterdam, from 1962 to 1966, he studied all the compulsory subjects, such as: still life, model drawing and perspective, but finally resulted in favouring to paint the romantic atmosphere of the Dutch Golden Age. Albert Herkelman is a Dutchman as far as his subject matter is concerned: to him water is the most interesting and important subject matter. He paints boats with old patched sails, reflected in pool or rivers, flowering water-lilies and willows along the bank. Magnificent Dutch skies with hanging clouds. His houses are old and decrepit and his figures wear old costumes, but everything he paints give evidence of the Dutch Golden Age.

It is not only the romantic style that is attractive, it is first and foremost Herkelman's quality and craftsmanship. He paints according to the best Dutch tradition and it is because of this that he is so popular both in his homeland and abroad. His romanticism has transcended national boundaries and his work is enjoyed throughout the world in both public and private collection, as for the artist himself, he has retired to the woods, what else could a romantic do?

Small Dutch River Scene

Original Oil

Size: 390 x 240mm

Price: SOLD

Dutch River Scene

Original Oil

Size: 600 x 400

Price: SOLD

A Days Work Done

Original Oil

Size: 400 x 250

Price: SOLD






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